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Paperback & Kindle

An adventure that spans three continents begins with a simple Christmas gift, as a family loans their mischievous
collie, Jack, for a dangerous mission. He joins a maverick, but lovable Native American dog whisperer. Dakota Dixon
(DX to his friends) is on a quest to achieve his Lakota spirit-destiny by training the ultimate K9 warrior in this action-
packed and heartwarming tale of friendship, family, and intrigue.

Treated as an outcast since childhood for not being a full blood Lakota, Dakota never felt he belonged on the reservation. Demonstrating at
an early age that he had the gift, he naturally gravitated to his canine companions. With his dogs, a favorite pastime became enlisting them in
a variety of pranks on the boys who scorned him. He still craves the acceptance and respect that his grandfather enjoyed as a Marine Code
Talker from WW II. When his grandfather reveals to him his spirit-destiny as a dog-whisperer, Dakota decides he too will become a great
warrior to make him proud and finally earn the respect of his people.

He soon learns that not all battles occur on the battlefield. Seriously injured in Afghanistan, he loses his best friend and his trusted German
Shepherd. He is discharged from the service and unable to attend an elite training school where he would have made his K9 training vision a
reality. He must find a new path to prove his daring concepts and fulfill his spirit-destiny, finally gaining the acceptance he seeks.

Kevin Brett recreates the collie adventures of old in this modern, action-packed, heart-pounding story. Combining his life-long love of collies,
decades of martial arts, and his keen sense of adventure, he weaves an exciting tale, stocked with enough twists and turns to keep seasoned
agents on their toes. Jack K9 Warrior tells a unique story that is as old as the bond between man and his best friend.

    "I wanted to recreate some of the enchantment and romance
    of the Collie stories of old, but with a modern action-packed
    flavor. It’s full of spies, intrigue, twists and turns and yet it’s
    also a story about a family and their lovable, mischievous
    Collie; full of heartwarming and humorous family moments.
    It’s a great story about family, friendship, service, and sacrifice."     
           - Kevin Brett
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"To achieve your dreams, you have to leave your comfort zone and never return."
- Kevin Brett:  "The Journey to Black Belt"
Paperback & Kindle