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Paperback & Kindle

Most people believe dogs can only play a limited role in the military. Dakota Dixon (DX to his friends) isn’t one
of them. He also isn’t your typical Marine. A gifted, Native American dog whisperer with a vision, he’s on a
quest to prove his connection with dogs will enable him to test the limits of K9 intelligence. He is going to train
the ultimate K9 warrior. Seriously injured in combat, he is discharged from the service and unable to attend an
elite training school where he would have made that vision a reality. Now he must find a new path to prove his
daring concepts and fulfill his spirit-destiny.

As he struggles to recover from injuries, Dakota meets Keith Barnes and his Collie, Jack, turned therapy dog They become his new training
partners and a unique bond quickly develops as DX discovers that Keith authored the book that inspired DX's vision for K9s. Jack and DX's
destinies become one, as Keith encourages his new friend to test his techniques on Jack. Being around DX means being on your toes or you
might just find something unpleasant in your combat boots and pairing this Marine with a mischievous Collie is just trouble waiting to happen!

The leader of an elite unit gives DX the chance to realize his dream. Seeing DX's future depends on using Jack's new tactical skills, Keith
makes the difficult decision to loan the Collie for a high-stakes mission to recover a stolen high-tech weapon from an abandoned castle in the
mountains of Romania. Combining instincts and training, Jack saves one of the agents from a wolf, takes out a sniper, and relays vital
information about a spy who threatens the success of the mission and then things get interesting!

JACK K9 WARRIOR is a suspenseful revival of the classic Collie stories of old and an inspiring tale of friendship and sacrifice.

    "I wanted to recreate some of the enchantment
    and romance of the Collie stories of old, but with a
    modern action-packed flavor. Collies and black ops!"     
           - Kevin Brett
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"To achieve your dreams, you have to leave your comfort zone and never return."
- Kevin Brett:  "The Journey to Black Belt"
Paperback & Kindle